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Scholarship Awardee Update-Akira Douglas

Receiving the Matthew Minor Scholarship in April of 2022 helped me academically in so many ways. I graduated from Prince George’s Community College with my associate degree in business administration in May of 2022. I was able to use the scholarship money to allow me to walk across the stage. I used the funds to purchase my graduate package and the remainder went toward my only college application, to the University of Maryland (UMD). Before all of this, I signed my contract with the US Army Reserves on March 1, 2022. I shipped off to Army Basic and job training on May 31, 2022. Todd and Mia Minor attended my enlistment party and saw me off before I left to take the initial steps in serving my country.

I received the news that I had been accepted into the University of Maryland’s finance program in July of 2022, while at Army Basic. I was so happy, I had already been accepted into the University of Maryland before leaving for service but was pending acceptance to my limited enrollment major. I began taking UMD online in August, while at my Advanced Individual Training (AIT) at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. I served as Student First at AIT, which is the highest leadership role a trainee can have and received 3 Army medals and awards for leadership and excellence. While at AIT, I also began the process of enrolling in UMD’s Reserve Officer Training Course (ROTC) program.

In 2023, a year since receiving the Matthew Minor Scholarship, I purchased my own home in January. I have been contracted into UMD’s Army ROTC program. I have been accepted into UMD’s Smith School of Business Plus 1 program, which will allow me to complete half of my master’s degree by adding 1 semester to my undergraduate study. I am now a rising senior at UMD, set to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in finance and commission as a Human Resources Officer in the US Army Reserves in December of 2024. I am studying Master’s level courses as an undergraduate, set to graduate with my Master’s in Business Management in December of 2025. The Matthew Minor Scholarship and the Minor family have been with me in all of my accomplishments, and I am proud to be one recipient, to carry on young Matthew Minor’s legacy and education.

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